Want some Fruit with that Roll-Up?

A couple days ago, I talked about some of the marketing jargon used on packaging to make us feel better about buying snack foods. Well, here’s another example of why, as consumers and parents, we have to read and decipher the packaging before we buy: Fruit Roll-ups.

Not only can Betty Crocker use the word “fruit” in the name, but the package also notes “Made with Real Fruit.” Yes, there is some fruit in this product, but it’s processed beyond recognition and wrapped in corn syrup, sugar, oils, and dyes (“Hey, Betty, where can I get me some of that thar tie-dye fruit?”).

Fruit Roll-Ups Simply Fruit and Archer Farms Organic Fruit Strips contain more (processed beyond all recognition) fruit and significantly less other additives, but how can they claim they are equal to some serving of fruit according to the USDA Food Pyramid? Has the USDA lost it’s mind? This isn’t fruit — it has minuscule amounts of vitamins and no fiber.  But because it’s on the package, people will read it and feel better about buying it.

Don’t buy mindlessly. If you are going to buy foods like these, recognize them for what they are: snacks, not fruit. Then read the ingredients and buy the one with the least additives and chemicals. Check out my video for more information.

4 comments for “Want some Fruit with that Roll-Up?

  1. February 26, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    Fruit rollups are the devil’s spawn…ok maybe not, but definitely up there with the crap that’s really, really bad for our kids. While we were never a big fruit rollups before our transformation (aka eliminating the toxic waste that masquerades as food), my oldest did love Dora the Explorer “fruit snacks.” You can get them in every flavor and hawked by every cartoon character in existence. Where’s the accountability there, Nick Jr. and Disney? Someone recently told me they found organic edamame in SpongeBog Packaging…now that’s innovative.

  2. cat
    February 26, 2010 at 11:12 pm

    Thanks for the comment, Jen. There is definitely zero accountability. The food manufacturers and marketers are focused on making money. In the case of Fruit Roll-Ups, they are playing both sides by introducing Simply Fruit. Just like you’re already doing, we all need to be more diligent and thoughtful about what food we feed our families.

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