With a name like Smuckers…

… you have to read the ingredients.

Both jams and jellies are made from fruit. The main difference is  jelly has the pulp filtered out while jam contains some fruit and seeds. The FDA  specifies that jams and preserves are gelled fruit which may contain pulp and seeds while jelly is “based entirely on fruit juice or other liquids.”

Smuckers makes a lot of products (like Uncrustables, which may just possibly be the worst kids food product out there, but I diverge) including a whole line of Simply Fruit fruit spreads (Hey, isn’t that the same name Fruit RollUps used?) Again I have to ask, why not just simply use fruit to begin with?

Because it’s cheaper to use corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup than fruit. Oh, and food manufacturers count on us to not read the ingredients and/or to not care what’s inside. Instead, they spend millions on marketing to make us feel warm and fuzzy about a product so we buy based on emotion, not ingredients.

The bottom line: Food companies don’t care about our health or our families, just about meeting revenue goals. It’s up to us as consumers to read the ingredients and make healthy decisions.

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  1. Rob
    August 25, 2011 at 1:24 am

    I used to buy Smuckers, until I realized what it was made from. They do make a “premium” version of their preserves.This “premium” version is simply their regular product they sold before they switched HFCS in the 80’s. What’s worse is they charge $2-$3 more for this “premium” stuff, plus it comes in a smaller jar. No thanks. Believe it or not, I can get a good size jar of pure fruit preserves (fruit, real sugar, pectin & citric acid) at Dollar Tree..Take that , Smuckers.

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