Pop-Tarts marketing contains 2% or less of reality

I SAW THIS AD YESTERDAY and my BS meter went crazy.

Then I noticed the asterisk and saw this at the bottom:

WHAT THE HECK DOES “EQUAL TO 10% FRUIT” MEAN? I checked the ingredients and found that out of 29 flavors, 11 had fruit in them. Sort of. Those 11 flavors, after the phrase “Contains two percent or less of” listed dried fruit.

SO JUST TO BE CLEAR, 11 Pop-Tart flavors (almost but not every flavor with a fruit in the name) contains 2% or less of dried fruit. And they are advertising it as baked with real fruit. True, there is a tiny bit of real dried fruit… that’s been combined with flour, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sugar (yes, all three), dextrose (another corn sugar), and soybean and palm oil, and cracker meal.

Marketing people must think we are all so very stupid.

But we’re not stupid. If you really want to eat a Pop-Tart, eat a Pop-Tart. But don’t pretend it’s healthy — or that’s it’s an acceptable breakfast food.

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