Booklist: Chew on This

By Charles Wilson and Eric Schlosser

In Chew on This, Schlosser, who wrote Fast Food Nation, teams up with Wilson to provide a look at the fast food industry in a book geared towards young adults. Focusing on fast food industry marketing ploys and health impact, this book covers the gruesome side of food creation and employee treatment in less — but enough — detail than Fast Food Nation.

Amazon’s Editors Say:
Grade 7 Up An important addition to most libraries. Useful for health classes and nutrition units, it will also be an eye-opener for general readers who regularly indulge at the Golden Arches. An adaptation of Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation (Houghton, 2001), Chew on This covers the history of the fast-food industry and delves into the agribusiness and animal husbandry methods that support it. From the 37-day life of the pre-McNugget chicken to the appallingly inhumane conditions of slaughterhouses and meatpacking plants, the author lays out the gruesome details behind the tasty burgers and sandwiches. Equally disturbing is his revelation of the way that the fast-food giants have studied childhood behavior and geared their commercials and free toy inclusions to hook the youngest consumers. The text is written in a lively, lay-out-the-facts manner. Occasional photographs add bits of visual interest, but the emphasis here is on the truth about soda pop and obesity, fries and lies.

Why it changed my eating habits: This book is the perfect read for anyone who avoided Fast Food Nation over worries of being too grossed out. Chew on This covers the same subject matter in a PG-13 version, but still gets the point across. What I really enjoyed about this book is all the statistics and discussion starting points for getting conversations going with kids about fast food from every angle — health, animal rights, employee rights, and marketing tactics. If Fast Food Nation hadn’t already made me disgusted with the fast food industry, this book would have surely done the trick.

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  1. Viki
    October 7, 2010 at 5:22 pm

    I read this book then donated it to a friend who teaches 9th grade health for his class library!

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