About CTF

catherine delett

catherine delett, founder of CTF, wants you to join her in the food intellegentsia.

IT’S THE JOB OF FOOD COMPANIES TO SELL THEIR PRODUCTS. Because we can only eat so many calories, competition is tough, but food companies still need to grow profits.  So food marketers try to outsmart us with large colorful front-of-label claims, giveaways, or contests.

IT’S OUR JOB TO FEED OUR FAMILIES HEALTHY FOOD. We can outsmart the food industry by making food choices based on ingredients, ignoring front of label claims, and teaching our kids about advertising.

WE ARE SAVVY SHOPPERS, THE FOOD INTELLIGENTSIA. Together we can vote with our dollars, spread the word, and make smart food choices.

Consume This First brings families the most important and relevant food and nutrition information — food intelligence.

There’s an overwhelming amount of food products in stores.  How can we sort fact from falsehood, truth from marketing gimmick? It’s not easy, especially for time-crunched parents trying to shop and menu plan for a busy family. We all need to information to help us choose (and choose quickly because we usually have impatient children with us): what does the label mean, what food additives are safe, and should I care whether my chicken is air-chilled?


1. Spend more on food and less on “food.” You know, buy more apples and fewer Apple Cinnamon Cereal Bars

2. Know what your food was fed and where it came from. Because you are what you eat.

3. Don’t trust the front of the package, read ingredients instead. The harder it tries to convince you what’s inside is good for you, the less likely it’s true.

4. Better food culture equals better eating habits. Food culture is all about how we teach our kids to eat. Things like eating family meals and not giving kids special “kid food” all the time positively impact our food culture.

5. If you can’t tweet it, don’t eat it. Read the ingredients:  if they’re more than 140 characters, you probably don’t want to eat it. Oh, and if you’d be embarrassed to tell the whole twitter universe your eating it, that, too, is a sure sign to put it back on the shelf and step away slowly.

ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE WHAT’S BEST FOR YOUR FAMILY. Consume This First gives you the information you need to make the best decisions possible for the food your family consumes.